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Welcome To Mafia Rules (Round 2)
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Bug Posted By Admin at Friday 9th April 17:52:46

There has been a Bug as there was an error in the trainers and workouts location but it has been fixed.
The trainer has the same workout % for all players.
Sorry for inconvenience

Welcome To Mafia Rules (Round 2) Posted By Admin at Friday 9th April 17:00:18

Welcome Gangster,

Round 2 has been started.

You can read everything related to the game and its mechanics in the Game Guide section.


• Scavenge Payout as per level.
• You can change gang name with bitcoins.
• Shooting up range is 7 levels maximum.
• Gang gains 30% from the member’s income as tax instead of 20%.
• Mafia ruler will get 40% from the income of all gangs instead of 20%.
• Added 10% on attack stat only for the back fire.
• Items prices have been reduced.
• Travel time has been reduced.
• Vehicles prices have been changed.

Feel free to contact us in game, discord or via mail.

Hope you enjoy and have fun.

Reset Posted By Admin at Thursday 1st April 19:29:03

Hello gangsters,

Next Thursday 08th of April at 17:00 GMT. the current round will end.

Round (2) will start on Friday 9th of April at 17:00 GMT.

Hope you enjoy and have fun.

Workout Changes Posted By cday at Friday 12th March 15:42:47

Workout Changes

With the ”City Population” page you could have a good guess at what stats the user was training. This would not allow you to train your account how you would like. This chnage aims to balance that.

  • Each location has a different gym with an owner (random names)
  • The workouts are tied to the Gym owner i.e. ”William Brooks” will always have the same workouts
  • The location of these trainers are random for everyone i.e. I could have ”Harold James” in ”New York” but for you he may be in ”Dallas”
  • When you die the trainer stays in the same location


Bellow is a handy list of the locations for each gym owner.
  • Alaska was run by Johnny Anderson
  • Chicago was run by Helen Watson
  • Dallas was run by Harold James
  • Houston was run by Barbara Parker
  • Las Vegas was run by William Brooks
  • Nashville was run by Louis Roberts
  • New York was run by Patrick Flores
  • San Diego was run by Christina Miller
  • Tucson was run by Mark Ross
  • Washington was run by Gloria Howard

For example if I was doing workouts in New York ”Patrick Flores” would have been the owner. You can then go here to see his current location!

Game Update Posted By cday at Friday 12th February 17:27:38


- Fixed a bug where smuggle prices would change every 3 hours
- Default gang pictures all match now
- Leadership mourning lowered from 24 hours to 12 hours to match alert
- Attack power regeneration starts from time of kill rather then time of signup
- If you CS or loose RR you are removed from your gang
- Updated colour of 'X Owned' on stocks and smuggle page
- Mafia Ruler now is displayed on mobile
- If you have beginner protection you can't kill
- Gangs ordered by max members
- Last active only updates when alive
- Gang logs now highlight when there are new logs
- If you click on a stocks name a chart appears with the history for the stock
- You can now upload a profile picture
- When claiming on your LI, your crime success chance is transferred over too
- RR chance of success changed from 84% to 20%
- Gangs can now mass mail members
- Your name in the user online list is bold
- Mafia ruler boss is green in the users online list
- When committing a crime the crime you are committing as well as the one before and after chance % increases
- Mafia ruler collection is every day at midnight rather then once a week
- Profile wealth only takes into account money on hand, not money in bank
- Crime pay-outs altered

New Features
Scavenge - You can search the street every few hours to find money and bitcoin!
GTA - You can steal cars to sell or use in organized crimes
Garage - A place to store your stolen cars!
Organized Crime - Group up with friends to commit crimes to earn $$$
Lottery - Feeling Lucky? Maybe buy some lottery tickets