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Referral Challenge!
Round 6 - Gift Winners
Welcome To Mafia Rules (Round 6)

Referral Challenge! Posted By Bass at Sunday 17th October 07:34:24

Referral Challenge

today will be a referral challange, invite a friend and get him to message me and there will be prizes available for everyone.

1 Referral = 100M
2 Referrals = 3 Levels
3 or more = a deal - DM me and we can organise anything you want (within limits)

If you would rather have a different reward, just let me know via my inbox.

Reminder - invite a friend, make him/her message me in game and you will both receive a gift. Good Luck.

Round 6 - Gift Winners Posted By Clutch at Saturday 9th October 14:13:36

Dear Gangsters,

Based on our previous announcement, a valuable gift will be provided to the best - “Best Overall Attack and Best Overall Defense”

Dear Winners,

Kindly contact us to receive your gift.

Welcome To Mafia Rules (Round 6) Posted By Admin at Friday 27th August 17:00:01

Hello gangsters,

Round 6 has been started.

Feel free to contact us in game, discord or via mail.

Hope you enjoy and have fun.